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How to Write Marketing Copy that Converts - with Sarah Stockdale, Founder and CEO, Growclass
Episode 39th March 2023 • The Conversion Show • Erik Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Justuno
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We're talking about growth today - with a true expert in the subject, Sarah Stockdale, Founder and CEO of Growclass. Biggest takeaway: it's Not About You.

Get in the mind of your customer and you'll create emails, popups, website copy that converts.

Sarah shares a download on Conversion Copy, including:

  • Her copy makeover for Canada's weighted blanket; preview - "scrolling when you wish you were sleeping?"
  • Why you can only talk to one person at a time
  • How to channel your inner Glinda the good witch to solve your customer's problem
  • A live teardown of a retail website
  • What questions to ask when writing your marketing copy
  • How to place your customer back in the moment that they experienced the problem
  • Opportunities to improve your onsite copy and shopping experience
  • Why "buy now" buttons might not work

Host: Erik Christiansen -

Guest: Sarah Stockdale -





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