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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 50, 25th October 2020
Episode 50: Savage Mentality and Living for Those Who Can’t with Tim Lyons
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Episode 50: Savage Mentality and Living for Those Who Can’t with Tim Lyons

In today’s episode of Rebel Performance Radio, James speaks with former U.S. Marine and private military contractor Tim Lyons. We spend much of our conversation focused on the fundamental role of mental toughness in his roles as a Marine and private contractor and how much of the people in the world today are in dire need of the mindset he acquired throughout his military career.

Listen in as Tim discusses the modern phenomenon that is the fragility mindset, why he is dedicated to the phrase “live for those who can’t”, the importance of maintaining the momentum, and overcoming all show, no go syndrome.

Key Highlights

  • [09:11] An introduction to Tim Lyons
  • [14:00] What human performance or being “life-proof” means for Tim
  • [17:09] Can Marine-level mental toughness be trained, or is it innate?
  • [22:12] Tim’s take on the “fragility mindset” so prevalent in today’s society
  • [29:44] What “live for those who can’t” means for Tim
  • [42:32] The importance of lifting weights for performance
  • [45:23] The “all show, no go” syndrome

Powerful Quotes by Tim

  • When training in the Marines, you will very quickly see who is capable of putting one foot in front of the other and who breaks down in front of everyone. You can feel broken, but you need to keep it internal. Suffer in silence.
  • People with a fragility mindset have never really had to wake up and do something that challenges them in a way where, if they do not do what they need to do today, they will not live to see tomorrow. In their brain, many people today think they have serious issues, but if there's a roof over your head and food on your table, it’s really not.
  • You can always work harder, but sometimes you don’t need to work harder. It’s about knowing when enough is enough and you’ve done all you can for this piece of art before finally putting it out.
  • True happiness is achieved not through constant pursuit alone, but through those times you have to overcome particularly tough challenges.
  • If you have a clear vision for your career, even if there are setbacks and events that you didn’t expect, like COVID-19, as long as you feel in your gut that you’re headed in the right direction, just keep going.

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