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Delayed Recovery Part 2 - Risk Assessment & Interventions
Episode 812th April 2024 • Fit For Duty • Larry Earl, MD
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In this episode of Fit for Duty, Dr. Larry Earl hosts Dr. Diana Kraemer to continue the discussion on delayed recovery in workers compensation cases, focusing on the biopsychosocial model.

They explore its role in addressing the comprehensive health of workers beyond just the physical injury, emphasizing the importance of work in the healing process. Key concepts such as the 80-20 model, resilience, and the significance of a correct diagnosis are discussed, alongside the impact of mental and social factors on recovery.

The conversation also highlights how technology can improve personalized treatment and the overall system. The episode further delves into practical strategies for early intervention, assessing and addressing social aspects impacting recovery, the physician’s role in navigating these challenges, and the significance of collaboration with workplaces.

To wrap up, they discuss how big data and evidence-based medicine can advance the workers' compensation system to better manage delayed recovery, unnecessary disability, and high-risk payouts, aiming for a holistic approach to worker health and wellness.

Key Topics:

* Deep Dive into the Biopsychosocial Model

* Exploring Key Concepts: Resiliency, Return to Work, and Diagnosis

* Interventions and Strategies for Occupational Health

* Addressing Social Aspects and Recovery in Occupational Health

* Leveraging Technology and System Improvements for Better Outcomes

* Concluding Thoughts on Occupational Health and Recovery

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