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Singing Our Lineages Home with Fia
Episode 1318th May 2020 • Medicine Caller • Sophia Wise One
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Sophia is joined this week by Fia! As in, Fia the enchanting, singing, songwriting Swedish goddess who blessed us with her presence and beautiful songs. If she isn’t in your music rotation yet, wow are you in for a treat! She and Sophia have a great conversation about many of the aspects that surround a life devoted to channeling true, and beautiful things. There is a tenderness and sensitivity to these two human beings that makes a bountiful episode ripe for repeat listens. 

Here are some highlights from their deep-dive conversation:

  • Fia talks about feeling “extra layers of life” that she can access. Of course, all people can access these layers, but for whatever reason, many don’t. Feeling just so, so sensitive and having a difficult time relating to peers while growing up, but finding solace and power in the arts. “I stopped waiting for someone to give me permission to do my soul’s work and for it to look a certain way as society presented it to me.” -Fia
  • They both talk about the deep desire to turn healing skills towards family members, and the truth that we can only do that by healing ourselves. We will see shifts and ripples flow out past us into our loved ones when we change, and it’s only by getting out of the way of their unique journeys that true healing can happen. When we remember ourselves back into being, others will be undoubtedly affected. 
  • They talk about finding your own authentic medicine lineage without stepping on others or blundering into sacred spaces uninitiated. Sophia talks about the complexity and intricacy of these lineages as we keep moving and mingling across the planet and forgetting and remembering our histories. Are we not just as bound to the lineage of our birthplaces as we are our many ancient homelands? What about the stars from which we come? When we come at these questions with respect and authenticity, they all become equally real and equally ours. 

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