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CONNECTION. Building and evaluating your connection to others.
Episode 4619th June 2022 • Catalyst • Kaylin Dyal
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Discover the purpose within your connection to others.

Two things are true about me: I am sensitive to the energy of others and I engage in frequent self-reflection/introspection. This has led me to evaluating many of the connections I make and maintain in life based on how they make me feel. You know those moments you return home from spending time with someone and you feel completely drained? Or the other times you feel so uplifted? In this mini-sode, I explain the types of connections we may have in life and how you can begin to evaluate them for yourself, to remain feeling healthy and balanced.

Honour yourself and this present moment with a guided meditation, journaling prompts and healing sound bath by LUCIANA.

Moment of mindfulness: Maintain a state of equilibrium in all connections you keep.

Journal prompts:

  1. What relationships make me feel seen?
  2. How satisfied are you with your social life?
  3. I feel drained after spending time with...
  4. I feel energized after spending time with...
  5. What does good communication look like to you?

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