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Empower the Shadow Mother: Heal (Part 2 of 3)
Episode 3512th October 2021 • Divine Feminine CEO • The Uncorporette
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This week, we're kicking off Part 2 of a 3-part series on Empowering the Shadow Mother. I'm airing this series to honor the upcoming 1-year anniversary of losing my daughter Rebecca at 16 weeks pregnant - and to support Shadow Mothers like myself to move from grief to gratitude. 

This series is all about finding deep inner healing, and re-framing our experiences to pull out the gifts & wisdom that's waiting for us. In 3 episodes, I'll take you through the 3 "steps" of healing & empowering mothers who have lost pregnancies.

This week, we'll explore...

  • Creating a "container" for grief
  • Why energy must be moved to create true healing
  • Honoring the time it takes for both body & heart to heal
  • Why Shadow Mothers gain creative power through the process of healing the womb
  • The gift of the wounded healer

If you're a Shadow Mother looking for support - or you know one you'd like to support - you can join the waitlist for Shadow Mother Empowerment here. Join this intimate circle do some deep inner healing, to get seen in a way that feels safe, and to move from grief to gratitude!

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