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Is someone else trafficking and benefiting from you website?
Episode 161st August 2023 • Travel Marketing & Media ® • Sandra McLemore
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Website traffic and social media ads are incredible ways to target your audience, getting the attention of the audience you are looking for.

You know you can run ads to target the following audiences:

  • People who have visited your website (even specific pages)
  • People who are on your email list
  • People who already follow you on social media
  • People who have engaged with you before on social media
  • People who like and follow specific brands on social media
  • People "just like" all of those people above. The algorithms can find like-minded people.

But most travel agents and advisors canNOT do this because of the type of website they have.

Learn if that's you and how to get around it. You could be attracting new leads while you sleep or at your full-time job!