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50th episode! What’s changed & where are we heading as humans at work?
Episode 509th June 2023 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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My podcast got hijacked!!! I loved this... the fabulous David Greenaway and Gemma Ellison did a takeover of Beyond the Water Cooler and put me in the hotseat to celebrate 50 episodes. Actually, to my relief, it was a great discussion involving all three of us, about what has changed in the world of work since my first episode. And importantly we get to grips with some of the challenges companies are grappling with right now, to help them move forward. Did you know...

‼️ 72% of leaders report they often feel used up at the end of the day, an increasing sign of burnout from 60% in 2020?*

!! Leaders who trust their senior leaders are 3 times more likely to develop novel ideas or solutions. But, the level of trust in managers and leaders, especially in hybrid workforces, is at crisis point?* !! Psychological safety is still a critical need in many organisations, and when leaders regularly display vulnerability, their employees are 5.3 times more likely to trust them?* Listen to our advice about how to rethink some of the key concerns that are getting in the way of talent attraction and retention, people development, mental wellbeing, employee experience and employee engagement. These are the top concerns for CEOs, so can you afford not to disrupt the status quo? *Source: Global Leadership Forecast 2023

More about Dave

As a Life in Business & 3 Principles coach, Dave is deeply committed to helping others discover the innate wisdom and well-being within themselves so they can improve their business and life. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops and talks, he guide people on a journey of self-discovery and business growth, and helps them tap into their own inner resources and realise their full potential.

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LinkedIn: Dave Greenaway Facebook: LifeInBusinessEvents Twitter: @LifeInBusiness_ TikTok: @lifeinbusiness Website:

More about Gemma

Gemma is an ex lawyer turned leader in the talent, culture and leadership space. She cares deeply about the experience of people in the workplace, and is an advocate of leading with heart, humanity and compassion. She is currently working on some exciting talent and leadership projects at Macmillan Cancer Support.

Links to contact Gemma:

LinkedIn: Gemma Ellison

Resources & References

The Industry Leaders Interview - It's Time for Change ( Employee Engagement - It's Time for Change ( The Business Brunch: Resilience - It's Time for Change ( Transcending Leadership ( Is Fear blocking your leadership? ( Consider yourself a good leader? ( People First for Business Success - It's Time for Change ( Psychological Safety - It's Time for Change ( The Invisible Leader: Transform Your Life, Work, and Organization with the Power of Authentic Purpose by Zach Mercurio

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