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Why God Won’t Fit Inside Your Mind (HOS56)
Episode 562nd June 2023 • The Heart of Soul • Josef Shapiro
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What would happen if everyone on the planet were to experience God directly? What would have to happen for that to be possible? Why have philosophers spent thousands of years trying to prove the existence of God yet failed? Today we discuss these and other existential questions, including the limits of reductionism, the real definition of a false god, the difference between religion and spirituality, how zen creates attachment to unattachment, and much more.

On June 17, 2023 in the Clubhouse App, our friend Eric Grace will host a gathering of EBE ensoulmentors to talk about Edenity and answer questions for participants. That will be at 10:30am Pacific Time on Clubhouse in The Wholly Human Club. Stace, Brie, Eric, myself and others will be there. When we get together, very interesting things tend to happen so I hope you can make it. See the link in the show notes for a clubhouse invitation.

If you can’t make it and want to email questions for us to field, you can email me at




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