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The Pez Collection
31st May 2019 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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The Pez Collection Podcast is all about Pez®! Justin and Andrea are your hosts as they connect with the community and talk about the world of Pez! Go out and dispense some good today!



The intro was somewhat ruined by Justin's horrible audio quality. It sounds like he is five feet from the microphone. Joe is the guest and he had better audio quality. You don't need to spend a ton of cash, but a Samson Q2U ( or ) is a great microphone and would boost the quality quickly. I like the chemistry and the passion for Pez. You have the curse of knowledge here. You know how Joe is and seem excited that he is on your show and you start talking about his videos and other things assuming the audience:
  1. Knows who he is (we don't)
  2. Have seen his videos (we haven't)
  3. Know what Joe WHAT! is (we don't)
So if you had explained who he is, why he is interesting, and why you are having him on your show. You didn't get to the first Pez question until about four minutes in. When he had issues with his headphones that could've easily been edited out, and his story could've have been tightened up. This wasn't horrible but would make a better flow of the podcast. I did an episode on editing at

There was a fair amount of information on "Joe What?" instead of the Pez talk (you didn't bring him on to talk about Joe What did you?).

With improved audio quality, and a little more focus and editing, this could be a great show for the Pez Community.

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