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122 | Unlocking confidence for your HR career: 5 tips from expert guests
Episode 12229th March 2024 • HR Coffee Time • Fay Wallis
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Throughout your HR journey, it's normal for your confidence to sometimes dip or wobble. That's exactly where HR Coffee Time steps in to lend a hand. In this episode, you’ll hear insights from five expert guests whose advice spans from broad confidence-boosting tips to specific strategies for navigating those tricky moments in your career. Tune in for a blend of perspectives that will lift your spirits and arm you with practical tools for a more confident path forward in HR.

Key Points From This Episode

[00:00] Introduction and Thank Yous

[03:14] Introduction to Confidence

[08:52] Compilation of Confidence Building Tips

[09:17] Confidence Tip from Pete Hykin

[11:43] Confidence Tip from Antoinette Dale Henderson

[13:30] Confidence Tip from Simon Duncan

[15:31] Confidence Tip from Roisin Williams

[18:42] Confidence Tip from Louise Kennedy

[19:41] Conclusion

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