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E mail marketing made simple with Catherine Gladwyn
Episode 117th May 2020 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Has setting up an e mail list for your pet business been on the to-do list for ages?

I know it’s the case for many pet business owners which is why I’ve spoken to VA and Mailchimp expert Catherine Gladwyn.

Catherine had helped hundreds of small business owners get their heads around e mail marketing and taken away the overwhelm.

She works as a virtual assistant, coaches other virtual assistants, has written a book, How to Be A Virtual Assistant and has another book due out this autumn.

Catherine shares lots of practical advice on the steps to follow to start and grow your e mail list whether you have a product or service business.

Her easy to follow advice will take away the overwhelm and help you get started having conversations in your inbox.

Here is a summary of the episode with the timings of the key points covered:

00:45 - Background

2:44 - What is an email list and why is it important

5:58 - What puts people off creating newsletters

8:06 - How to get people on to your list

9:39 - Lead magnets and how to get people to sign up to your email list or newsletter

12:45 - Ideas for getting people to sign up

13:50 - What can you send to people when they are signed up

14:00 - How often to send your newsletter

14:58 - Ideas for pet business to use for service and product business

16:28 - Contacting people who have bought a product or service previously

16:55 - Reaching out for reviews

17:10 - Sharing press coverage

18:35 - How long should a newsletter be?

19:28 - Quality over quantity

21:21 - What system to use

22:31 - How to deal with unsubscribers

26:00 - Design of newsletter

26:19 - Template for newsletter

26:42 - Catherine's webinars

28:00 - Plugin information for websites

28:30 - Using social media for sign ups

30:00 - Publications Catherine has appeared in and press coverage

31:30 - Media email list

33:00 - Publicity

34 - Options if you feel overwhelmed by starting

35:00 - Webinar information

Catherine has kindly offered a half price deal on her How to Use Mailchimp With Confidence webinars where she shares all you need to know to get started for £15.

This is valid until the end of May 2020.

Enter the coupon code Woof at checkout here:

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