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5th May 2018 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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A few years ago, Andy collected local weather data from his farm near Farmville Virginia and posted it online.

Why? To see if he could. Even though the old weather station ceased working years ago, he still uses the data in SSIS training courses he delivers.

It was time for a new weather station, so Andy picked up this Acurite model. He plans to use it to conduct data science and data engineering experiments. Why? To see if he could.

To get things started, Andy set up the Acurite software to append readings to a CSV file every 12 minutes. He then grabbed a copy of the AzCopy command-line utility Andy decided to run the Acurite software and AzCopy on a very old Windows 7 machine (with only 2GB RAM). Why? To see if he could.

It works.

Andy built a command line for AzCopy that performs a data transfer from the old Win7 machine to Azure Blob Storage. He then used Task Scheduler to fire the command line every 15 minutes… and you already know why.