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Differences Between Dating Men & Women
Episode 92nd February 2021 • The Lipsticks Podcast • The Lipsticks Podcast
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In this episode of The Lipsticks Podcast, we decided to dial back the serious chat and talk all about the differences between dating men and women! We’ve gone for some tongue-in-cheek stereotypical pros and cons of dating both.

Our news topic up for discussion this week is inspired by a tweet which recently went viral and resurfaced an old news story from way back in 2017…BARBIE HAS A GIRLFRIEND?! Whether everyone’s favourite blonde icon is gay or an ally, either way, we are here for it 👏

Another gay made-up word enters our Gay Glossary and we also give a big shout out to an unsigned, super cool indie rock band called Breakfast With Bears. They are based in London and are fronted by one of Jess’s good friends, and favourite gays!

Spoiler alert! This podcast may contact traces of giggling, northern accents, sarcasm and gay references.

Links to resources discussed in the podcast:

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