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296 | "Business Survival Tactics" with Charlie Van Derven from Social Advisors
Episode 29625th December 2023 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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  1. "Business Survival Tactics": In challenging times, adaptability and strategic pivots are essential. Social Advisors thrived by swiftly transitioning services to meet industry needs.
  2. "Content Evolution": Charlie highlights the dynamic nature of social media platforms. LinkedIn and Instagram now play pivotal roles, demonstrating the importance of staying current.
  3. "Business Resilience": The company's reliance on white-labeled software enhances flexibility. Charlie emphasizes the simplicity of Social Advisors' model, focusing on strategy while outsourcing technical components.

✍️ Episode Summary:

Charlie Van Derven, president of Social Advisors, recounts his journey from job loss to a thriving decade-long entrepreneurial venture. Emphasizing adaptability, he shares insights on reshaping services for financial advisors. The discussion delves into the evolution of content marketing, emphasizing the impact of personalized, celebratory posts on LinkedIn. Charlie reveals the four-step strategy behind Social Advisors' success: knowing the audience, daily networking, intelligent content marketing, and effective conversion through webinars. The episode underscores the significance of resilience, strategic partnerships, and continuous evolution in sustaining a business.


00:00 Intro

00:07 Charlie's Journey to Entrepreneurship

00:36 The Early Days of Social Advisors

01:43 The Evolution of Social Advisors' Services

03:39 The Importance of Content for Financial Advisors

05:32 The Challenges and Triumphs of Running a Business

08:05 The Strategy Behind Social Advisors

11:44 Charlie's Entry into the Financial Services Industry

13:14 How to Contact Charlie and Social Advisors

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