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404 | How to Get What You Want with Julie Solomon
Episode 4047th June 2022 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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You are here to invest in your knowledge and intellectual property. Today is the perfect day to do that, because, in this interview with Julie Solomon, you will learn so much. Julie Solomon is the author of Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen to Unstoppable. The book is written in a workbook style that will help you take action throughout your reading. Julie is also the host of the top Influencer Podcast and a mom of two young children.

In this interview, Julie lays it all out on the table: how a scarcity mindset held her back, how her relationship with money created seemingly insurmountable debt, and most importantly how she overcame these things to get what she wants. 

You will learn:

  • [3:32] - Welcome to the show, Julie! Julie shares her background.
  • [4:57] - Julie used to feel that she wasn’t worthy of success. She was stuck in a victim trap.
  • [6:01] - A lot of times, people look at someone successful and think that they were handed everything on a silver platter.
  • [7:23] - Growing up, Julie was taught to have a scarcity mindset. We all have an origin story.
  • [8:37] - As a new mom, she justified overspending money. Her mindset and relationship with money created a problem.
  • [10:45] - Social media has created the norm of lying about how much money you are spending.
  • [11:58] - Julie explains that she had a lot of perfectionism and people pleasing issues.
  • [12:30] - What are the secrets you have that you would be mortified if someone knew? That shadow is holding you back.
  • [13:44] - Once the problem was acknowledged and accepted, Julie sought help.
  • [15:00] - When in denial, you are not living your purpose.
  • [17:26] - Having no boundaries is a form of too much control.
  • [19:08] - Where are you delaying your own happiness to ensure someone else’s?
  • [21:52] - Julie and Cayla both work with a lot of people who work in direct sales. Business boundaries are important.
  • [23:40] - Sometimes we think that we are so powerful and important. But how important is it for you to do the things that don’t light you up?
  • [26:06] - Many people are focused on the things they don’t want rather than what they do want.
  • [28:05] - What is your payoff and purpose?
  • [30:40] - If you can’t toot your own horn, who is going to do it?
  • [32:09] - When you’re stuck in survival mode, you’re only focused on making it to the next day.
  • [33:12] - Ask yourself what it would take to make something happen.
  • [35:18] - When we get so focused on merely surviving, we won’t have more than that.
  • [37:28] - Do you feel like this isn’t practical because of your kids?
  • [39:35] - Julie explains how she works from home and what help she has in place to make her career possible.
  • [41:35] - There is no shame in hiring help.

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