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The Best Gay City to Live in North Carolina | Queer Money Ep. 417
Episode 4176th July 2023 • Queer Money®: How Gay People Do Money • Queer Money
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The Right Brothers National Memorial, the Outer Banks, Carolina BBQ and friend green tomatoes, the food, not the film.

The home of another "Don't Say Gay" bill, but where 54% of voters are in opposition of religiously based refusals to serve gay and lesbian people.

We're talking about North Carolina.

Are there any places where LGBTQ+ folks feel like they can have a home and feel safe?

We'll share the top two based the data we've pulled from The Human Rights Campaign's Municipal Equality Index, city-level cost of living, the US Census data on incomes and Zillow's data on housing and rent prices.

Get the dynamic list of Affordable LGBTQ+ Friendly Cities in the U.S. here. 

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