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Say Hello to the Author Behind "Elf Sparkle," Beth Roose!
Episode 927th October 2020 • Once and Future Authors • Stephanie Larkin
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On this episode, we talk with Beth about her journey as an author, bringing "Elf Sparkle" to life, and subsequently to the screen, her other successful books, and what's next for her!

Beth Roose tells her story about how "Elf Sparkle" came to be! From a trip to a national park, an idea to turn a railroad that goes through the scenic area into a Polar Express program, to recruiting and teaching a group of volunteers to act as elves, to then basically becoming "Elf Sparkle" herself, Beth Roose truly brings the spirit of her book alive.

Beth has worked very hard over the years to create, research, write, produce, direct, and even market her works to her audience in the most successful and efficient way possible. Beth proves through her wonderful works that as long as you have passion, a knowledgable dedication, and care for what you do, you can be successful. She is a computer scientist by trade, but an author by heart.