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The Best Way To Win New Management Clients
Episode 9730th January 2024 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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This is a special episode where I share an insight into one of my training sessions

  I explain the process of creating an engaging property management offer that prospective clients will find hard to refuse. I was inspired largely by a book I read called A Hundred Million Dollar Offers by Alex Hermosi. He went from being broke to generating millions of dollars through health and fitness through creating a health and fitness industry offer.

I believe our goal is to help property investors increase their wealth and status through property investing. As property managers, we save them money. Stress time and give them peace of mind so that they can become the envy of family and friends who are struggling with property management nightmares so they can create wealth for generations to come so that they can have peace of mind that everything to do with their investment is taken care of. -Kylie Walker


We explore:

  • What is an offer and the importance of crafting a Property Management offer
  • The journey to creating a successful business offer and what to look for
  • How to to work out your market and their purchasing power
  • The power of niches in Property Management
  • How to create and communicate value in your offer
  •  Identifying your client's dream outcome for a successful offer
  • How to look at what your ideal clients problems and limiting beliefs are
  • How to define your solutions to create your offer and identify ones that are of the highest value to your client

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