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Why Sellers Should Expect TACoS Fluctuations with Lucas Kwiatkowski
Episode 5519th January 2022 • The Ad Project • Ad Advance
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If you’re looking to keep your same ACoS and TACoS goals year over year, it will be very difficult to grow.

With Amazon getting more competitive driving up CPC, sellers will need to have an incremental change with their advertising goals.

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Lucas Kwiatkowski to dive into key reasons we’re seeing fluctuations with ACoS and TACoS. We also highlighted ways sellers can adjust their advertising goals to battle the changes with these metrics.

About Lucas Kwiatkowski

Lucas started managing PPC over 7 years ago and loved it from the start. He still enjoys diving deep into the advertising data for all of his accounts and usually comes up with advanced PPC topics not popular within the space. Lucas is very involved with all of his clients and takes a hands-on approach to managing their business growth. He spends a lot of time making YouTube videos to help smaller sellers master the art of PPC while also teaching them advanced tactics.

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Episode Highlights:

How changes with Amazon impacts TACoS           [02:03]

Key drivers behind fluctuations in TACoS              [03:45]

Analyzing TACoS                                                         [06:25]

Ad cannibalization                                                     [14:21]

Where has the most value for retargeting ads     [18:11]

Key drivers for long term growth                            [19:51]

Ways to battle high TACoS                                       [23:04]



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