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A Sex Worker's Guide to the Galaxy - Parker Westwood EPISODE 13, 26th May 2021
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Deandra is a Detroit-based full-service sex worker and drag performer. The name 'Deandra' is a pseudonym that we have employed to protect her identity. As such, I will not be linking her website or her social media accounts. She is using a pseudonym so that we can discuss a topic surrounded by much stigma, being HIV-positive in the adult industry. We also talk about performing drag, our mutual love of Star Trek, and confronting financial insecurity as an anti-capitalist.

Trigger Warnings: Dead Bodies and Misgendering

We talk about dead bodies in a bit of detail later in the show. Don't be scared! We're just talking about mortuary sciences. There are stories of Deandra being misgendered.

Things We Mention:

The Most Popular Girls in High School

The Never Ending Story

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