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The Good Dog Legal Team: Empowering dog breeders with legal support
Episode 415th July 2020 • The Good Dog Pod • Good Dog
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Join Good Dog’s legal team as we speak with Laura Reeves about how we protect breeders from scams and animal rights extremists, advocate for breeders and against overreaching dog legislation, and provide sample contracts and other legal resources so breeders can get the legal support they deserve!

Guests: Cat Matloub, Esq. (University of Chicago Law School), Monica DeBosscher, Esq. (Harvard Law School), and Christine Liu, Esq. (Harvard Law School)

Good Dog’s legal team describe key ways in which Good Dog provides legal support and helps protect and empower breeders.

Cat describes how Good Dog helps protect breeders’ legal rights, including by providing support if there are issues with animal control, assistance with stolen photos, scams and payment issues, and help if breeders are being harassed. Good Dog also helps support breeders by educating the public!

Monica speaks about how anti-breeder advocacy is damaging and how many times the accompanying legislation affects the way the public thinks about the good forces in the dog world. She describes ways in which Good Dog works to stop anti-breeder legislation through letter-writing campaigns and social media and provide ongoing education.

It’s important to remember that dog breeders are the subject experts when it comes to breeding - that’s why Good Dog is committed to making breeders’ interests heard so that when the government is facing a question related to dog breeding, they know who to go to.

Christine introduces Good Dog’s new Good Breeder Legal Resource Center, which is designed specifically for dog breeders. Good Dog provides free sample contracts that breeders can use and adapt for their programs, in order to ensure that the breeders, buyers (and their dogs!) are happy with the process of placing a dog. Cat and Laura discuss the importance of contracts in communicating exactly what the breeder wants the buyer to know.

Also learn about mediation services, and why it can be extremely helpful to have a 3rd party assist with any sort of legal support a breeder may need.

Visit the Legal Resource Center on Good Dog.