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A new way to heat water in your home that saves you serious money! 11 21 2020
Episode 105121st November 2020 • Around the House® Home Improvement: Expert Advice for your Home • Eric Goranson
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I love saving money and being easy on the environment at the same time. Like many people I tend to look at what makes sense on the money side first. When I can do both its always a win win deal.

We have Gregg Holladay from Bradford White on the show to talk about how heating water has changed and how it can pay for itself really quickly. I just installed a heat pump water heater in my home and I am shocked at how much savings already.

Lets talk about where these work best and how they work. You might be surprised at how it could work at your home.

To find out more about the unit I have in my home check it out here.

To find a contractor to install it in your area:

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