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CEO of the Standing Desk: How a Dallas Entrepreneur Created a Workplace Phenomenon with Jason McCann
Episode 11714th September 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Jason McCann is the CEO of Vari. It is his mission to help companies create environments that elevate people. He co-founded VariDesk in 2013, and the brand quickly became synonymous with sit-stand desks. Under his leadership, the company grew at an incredible pace and expanded its product and service offerings significantly, calling for its new, more inclusive name – Vari. 


Today, the company has grown into a workspace innovation company that provides everything high-growth businesses need to unlock the potential of their workforce – from a full suite of office furniture to the workspaces themselves, offering space-as-a-service with VariSpace. A multi-tenant campus ideation lab designed to elevate the way businesses approach the office, VariSpace offers first-class amenities, fully furnished offices, and flexible lease terms to enterprise-level clients.


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Key Highlights:


[00:01 - 13:19]  Returning to the Office


  • Turning a need into an opportunity: How Varidesk started
  • Creating a healthy space promoting collaboration and communication for returning employees
  • Designing furniture that addresses ergonomics and office organization
  • The advantages of an open-plan office layout - the present and future in mind


[13:20 - 38:37] Resiliency Amidst Crisis


  • The lessons Jason learned during Covid as an entrepreneur
  • How constant communication helps improve team morale
  • Advice to business owners on how to create, maintain and scale a business culture
  • Being grateful and present every day is the best way to prepare for the battlefield


[38:38 - 40:24] Leaders Are Glue That Holds The Team Together


  • How Jason manages his team amidst “The Great Resignation”
  • Leaders need to find a way to balance their team members’ need
  • Jason’s take on work-life balance - the need to make an impact and add value


[40:25 - 40:13] Closing Segment


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Key Quotes:


“ I realized at that moment that as leaders, you have power through those painful moments.” - Jason McCann


“Because I always put myself in the shoes of no matter how bad it is, how tough it is, for me, I guarantee you, there's another CEO or somebody out there that would trade places with me in a heartbeat for my problems that I bank.” - Jason McCann


“Long term wins the battle.”- Jason McCann

“Showing humility and grace allow us all to learn.” - Jason McCann


Resources Mentioned

Ryan Holiday

Simon Sinek

Tony Hsieh

Jim Sinegal

John C. Bogle

Sam Walton

Steve Jobs



Good to Great

The Infinite Game



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