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Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews - Volume 019 - KNOW FEAR (2021) - Review
9th April 2021 • Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews • Dark Discussions Podcast
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Most horror fans are desensitized. Desensitized of the blood and gore, but even more so from the atmosphere and scares. If it isn’t a jump scare, no one is startled anymore. But every so often there is a film that comes about that definitely brings chills down your spine. And sometimes those films seem to appear out of nowhere. One such film is the brand new horror movie KNOW FEAR (2021).

Donald Capel (David Alan Basche) and his wife Wendy (Amy Carlson) move into a nice suburban home that unfortunately has a checkered past. When Wendy finds an old book in the cellar of the house, her behavior suddenly changes greatly. After a cooking accident, her niece (Mallory Bechtel), an amateur ghost hunter, decides to study the old tome only to unleash what may be an evil entity that has come to take all their souls.

Director/screenwriter Jamison M. LoCasio and producer/screenwriter/composer Adam Ambrosio have created what may be one of the scariest films to arrive in some time. With its amazing score, solid screenplay, and fantastic acting, including some cast members from New York City’s best stage productions, the movie may be an immediate cult classic. Your co-hosts take a look at this new film and give their thoughts.





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