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Coaching the Mental Game of Softball - Mental Sweet Spot
Coronavirus Can't Take Our Culture
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Coronavirus Can't Take Our Culture

Because THIS is actually what we've been preparing our girls for.


We have to prepare our girls for any challenge that comes our way. But now most of us our wondering... How could we have we prepared them for this?

Much of what is happening now with battle against the spread of Coronavirus is unprecedented. Nobody saw this coming. And most of us weren't prepared for losing our seasons.

Even if there's a chance of resuming, the feelings right now include

» Feeling like you've lost a part of yourself

» Frustration because it's out of your control

» Stress and anxiety at the thought of "what do I do now?"

These are all natural reactions to what is happening, and it's ok to not feel good about it. It's also completely within our power to flip the narrative and make the best out of a crappy situation. 

And the best news is...

We've been teaching our girls how to reframe tough situations this whole time! That's what we discuss today as we all navigate this new territory.