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Welcome to Camp Here & There!
Trailer4th May 2021 • Camp Here & There • Mayfield & Belov
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Good morning, campers! Welcome to Camp Here and There where the sun is shining, the birds are chatty, and the blood-sucking butterflies in the walls can smell fear! We've got a whole host of games and activities, so we do hope you or your child can attend this year. You'll find the application on our quaint little website... Now, recent reports might have mentioned a mysterious man skulking the forest in blood-stained scrubs and a carnival mask but you don't need to worry we've got that under control DON'T WORRY! What do I worry about? Well, I worry my coworker won't come out of his office anymore but hey we all have our quirks I'm just saying I'm a little bit worried-

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Voice 2

This camp is a toilet.

Voice 3

Don't throw your eternity away!

Voice 4

The prospect of that is... horrific.

Voice 5

I need to stay down where the earth will hold me!


So, as you can see we've got some real fun stuff planned, and we hope to see you this summer at Camp Here and There, kicking off come June! Goodnight!