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Lizzie Richardson: Unassuming record holder
Episode 19216th August 2023 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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Lizzie Richardson is a runner from North Wales. She broke the women's record for the Paddy Buckley round in 2022, previously held by Jasmin Paris. Lizzie grew up in mid-Wales, with six sisters and had a very active childhood. At University she focussed on partying rather than running. In 2018 she supported her sister doing the Bob Graham round which planted a seed that she'd like to do a round of her own one day. This is the story of a normal woman doing amazing things. PLUS ! You'll hear Helen and Lowri Bowen talking about the practical side of taking on the Pan Celtic Race, what do you take, how much training do you need to do, how much planning is involved?

You'll hear:

05:00 What her childhood was like, growing up in rural mid-Wales.

09:00 Her sister's Bob Graham round that sparked her interest in doing a round of her own one day .

11:00 Signing up for a 75mile ultra on a whim, without doing much training. she finished first woman and second overall, despite doing it after a few too many rums the night before.

16:00 How does she keep pushing herself during ultras and rounds?

17:00 Lizzie explains what the Paddy Buckley is, how it works and what her experience of doing it was like.

23:00 How much training did Lizzie do for it? You might be surprised to hear the answer to this - lower volume, including speed work. Max 80-100km a week, only just before her taper.

27:00 How did the feel the morning of taking on the Paddy Buckley round and once she had completed it? 'The night before I was in bed and I told my husband I'm not doing it, I can't do it.'

32:00 Lizzie reveals she actually found out she was pregnant the week after doing the Paddy Buckley round, and she thinks she was 6 weeks pregnant when she did it.

35:00 Would Lizzie like to do more events and running when the time is right?

37:00 Lizzie says she finds Jasmin Paris and other female running friends really inspiring about the realities of becoming and mum and running. 'sometimes you do measure yourself up against other people but everyone's experience is so different and I'm just trying to prepare my body as much as possible.'

39:00 Lizzie opens up about her struggles with performance anxiety 'I'd be sick with nerves on the start line and it definitely holds me back. I'd perform so much better in a more relaxed setting.'

44:00 Hear from Lowri Bowen and Helen as they reflect on the practicalities of taking on The Pan Celtic Race as a pair in 2023. What did they pack, how did they plan their race, what sort of training did they do?

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