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Ep 37 - The Unexpected Business Investment That Has Delivered The Highest ROI
Episode 3718th August 2023 • Make More Money without Selling Your Soul • Polly Lavarello
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I’m a numbers girl! 

I love my profit calculator because it helps me understand what is delivering the most return on investment in my business. 

However, there are areas in business that can be hard to measure, and it can sometimes be hard to know if they really make financial sense. 

So, today, let’s briefly look at investments in business.

I’ll be sharing the highest return on investment activity in my business that came as a TOTAL surprise to me!

Here are the highlights: 

(06:32) Creativity influences business 

(09:47) The ROI can be less tangible and still incredibly powerful 

(10:38) The hive mind!

(13:43) Are you investing your energy in the right areas

(16:50) The ripple effect of knowing people

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