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Veganism isn't always healthy, especially as we age
Episode 12025th April 2024 • Rebellious Wellness Over 50 • Gregory Anne Cox
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My guest, Daina Rasutis, is a  a Nutrition Therapist Master. Looking for a way to heal her gut, her chronic acne, and increasing fatigue, she turned to a plant based diet.

To start, things seemed to be going well. Things improved but she never returned to health. In fact, over time, she felt worse and her symptoms returned.

We discussed the importance of protein--specifically animal protein--as we age. It benefits the gut, our muscles, immunity, and more. For those who have concerns about how animals are processed, an egg from a humane farm fed organic food to supplement their grazing, is the answer.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Daina's Background: From civil environmental engineering to sustainable food systems and eventually finding her passion in nutrition therapy.
  • Vegan Journey: How going vegan initially improved Dena's chronic conditions like acne but later led to energy depletion and gut issues.
  • Protein Importance: The critical role animal proteins play in maintaining gut health versus relying heavily on supplements or processed foods.
  • Gut Health Focus: Why as we age, especially for women over 50, it becomes essential to prioritize gut health through proper nutrition including adequate protein intake.
  • Muscle Maintenance: The significance of preventing muscle loss by ensuring enough dietary protein paired with resistance training as one ages.
  • Digestive Changes with Ageing: Understanding that our body produces fewer enzymes and stomach acid as we get older which affects digestion.

Insights Shared:

  1. Transitioning from Veganism:
  • Dena discusses how she gradually introduced eggs then fish back into her diet after realizing plant-based eating was not supporting her well-being effectively.
  1. Bone Broth Benefits:
  • Although not complete in amino acids profile compared to other animal products, bone broth is beneficial for skin, bones, and particularly soothing for the gut lining during healing processes.
  1. Common Misconceptions:
  • Addressing common misunderstandings about heartburn relief methods such as antacids which can lead to more harm than good by reducing crucial stomach acid production needed for immune defense against pathogens.
  1. Food Sensitivity Testing & Stool Analysis:
  • Highlighted importance of identifying individual food sensitivities through testing rather than elimination diets alone; also understanding one’s microbiome state via stool tests.
  1. Headaches & Gut Connection:
  • Discusses how chronic headaches can often be linked back to gut issues—whether it’s due to food sensitivities or poor digestion leading systemic reactions within the body.


This episode challenges listeners who are considering or currently practicing veganism while emphasizing the necessity of listening closely to their bodies’ needs—especially regarding protein consumption—and adjusting their diets accordingly as they age. If you’re looking beyond conventional wisdom towards a fully expressed life at any age without compromising your wellness goals, tune in now!

Her website is Table to Crave.

You can find Daina on IG.

If you have questions about your own choice of foods and how it impacts healthy aging, DM me on social @rebelwell50 or send an email to



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