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THE05: How An Attitude of Giving Leads to Your Success
Episode 525th July 2018 • The Hidden Entrepreneur Show with Josh Cary • Josh Cary
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I’ve known and have been connected online with Bob Burg for a handful of years now. Anyone who follows him, or personally knows him, quickly feels a sense of connection.

What’s most impressive about Bob is not his list of extraordinary accomplishments (that includes over three quarters of a million copies sold of his classic and iconic book The Go-Giver), but rather it’s how down to Earth and simply relatable he is.

His teachings and methods for living a wildly successful life through a business you adore are shockingly simple.

For example, The Go Giver book is broken down into the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success and The First Law, The Law of Value, simply says "your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment."

As you’ll hear through our dialogue, you immediately feel a sense of warmth and a genuine desire to be present and helpful with whoever is in his presence.

Bob was recently inducted into the National Speaker Association Hall of Fame (after 30 years as a professional speaker, and still going strong) and I am honored to welcome him to our show.

I know you’ll enjoy every minute with Bob Burg. Here we go...

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