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How to Reclaim Your Kingdom When Your Wife Wants a Divorce
Episode 10811th October 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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When guys first find out their wife wants a divorce, the first thing they want to do is dump all the ANGER, FEAR, and everything else they feel, because that is the safe thing to do. It is more comfortable to speak about what SOMEONE ELSE is doing and less comfortable to speak about what YOU are doing. But you are a KING, and what you focus on expands. So are you choosing to allow her to still control you, or are you going to RECLAIM your control and PROTECT your kingdom?

Mark is back with another oldie but goodie this week. It’s RAW, it’s REAL, and it’s UNFILTERED. Because YOU are a king, and when you allow her to control you, you are NOT protecting your kingdom. There is a way back when you’ve lost your kingdom, and Mark is sharing what that is this week. Get ready to STOP sitting on the fence, make your decision, and build a fortress of boundaries around your kingdom so you can start showing up as the KING you truly are.


In This Episode:

- The reason you AREN’T fulfilling what you want in your life

- You do NOT have to live in dysfunction. Here’s how to regain control…

- A common theme Mark sees over and over in the Empowered Man community

- Find out why YOU get to decide how you want to expand your kingdom

- Here are some tips to protect your kingdom…

And much more…