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The Achieve Podcast - Christian Baker EPISODE 29, 19th May 2020
5 Ways To Improve Your willpower
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5 Ways To Improve Your willpower

5 Ways To Improve Your willpower

Would you like to improve your willpower?

Over the years I’ve had so many people say to me they want to change or improve something in their life, but they just don’t have the willpower to do it!

So, coming up in this episode I’m going to share with you 5 ways you can increase your willpower, so stay tuned…

The first thing I always say to people when they tell me they don’t have the willpower is good!

Good for 2 reasons, firstly willpower is not the only way achieve something, in fact you could even go as far as to say that relying on willpower alone is the least effective way!

And secondly if you recognise your willpower is not as strong as you would like it to be, then you can improve it, know that it is something you can develop.

So, here’s 5 ways you can develop and increase your willpower…

1 – Is to view willpower like a muscle, it’s not limited, it’s something you can strengthen and work on to improve, like you can your muscles, if you want to get stronger or lift heavier weight, or train to run faster, then you can, if you train effectively.

But also view willpower like a muscle that can be depleted, if you’re tired and stressed then perhaps it’s not going to be as strong as when your relaxed and rested.

In the same way, if you did a heavy gym session and then went for a run you wanted be surprised if you didn’t get a personal best or you were more tired or slower than usual.

In the same way for optimum performance, a professional athlete wouldn’t do a full on training session just before going out to play a match.

So, see willpower as something you can strengthen but also preserve.

2 - Set yourself up for success – avoid temptation, change your environment and your circle of influence. Stop doing the things, hanging out and being around triggers that lead you to do the thing you don’t want to do.

So, on the flip side create a good environment, set reminders, create plans to do the very things you want to do. If your mind comes up against resistance it will take the path of least resistance and do what you’ve always done, or currently programmed to do.

So make changes that help set you up for success.

3- Which bring me on to number 3 - Bild good habits

Instead of wasting energy resisting the things you don’t want to be doing, intentionally create habits that support the lifestyle, the outcomes and the goals you actually want to achieve,

4 - Use your imagination – think, picture and imagine yourself doing the very thing you want to be doing and achieving. Rather than playing out the movies in your mind of hardship and struggle of the things you’d resist with willpower, focus on the opposite and programme your mind, boost your willpower by playing out in your imaginations what you want.

5 – Avoid overwhelm and enhance your willpower by doing things one step at a time, rather than getting frustrated, focus on the one next step you can take.

Overwhelm and frustration will just create resistance and cause your willpower to be depleted and your mind to follow your current default programming, which may not be the things you want to be doing.

So, there you have 5 ways you can help yourself to boost your willpower, and as well as this 5, remember the importance of self care.

Take time to look after yourself, good quality sleep, eating well and regular exercise are all ways that are said to help increase your willpower.

And also, remember with all that being said, if you want to make a change or improve some area of your life, you don’t have to rely on will power anyway. So, know that you can change your mindset by changing your programmimg,

But you can always help yourself be doing and being aware of these 5 steps.

I hope you’ve found these steps helpful, feel free to let me know how you are going to increase your willpower and if you know anyone else who would benefit from this episode, then please share this with them as well.

And remember - What your mind believes you will achieve – so think differently, believe in yourself, take action and achieve the life you want!

All the best

Christian Baker

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