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Todd Herman - Global Leader in Peak Performance
Episode 1427th September 2022 • Oxygen Advantage • Oxygen Advantage
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“If you are terrified of vulnerability, best of luck having mental toughness.”

This week on the OA podcast Patrick and Daniel are joined by author, coach and mentor Todd Herman who trains and educates professional athletes, leaders, and public figures on performance, strategy, mind-set, and execution.

Starting a peak performance and coaching service in 1997, Todd has been closely involved in the field ever since. Despite struggles starting his business, the Canadian was able to build a strong, successful company and built a very large collection of clients across the sporting world, even to the point where he was working with different people in over 85 separate sports.

Leveraging this expertise into developing his own method for boosting athletic performance and into releasing his bestselling book ‘The Alter Ego Effect’, Todd has seen his success just grow from there.

He speaks to Patrick and Daniel about how he has started to bring breath work into his teaching and how he helps give athletes the tools they need to prepare mentally and find consistency.