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Sal Gordon: Bend like bamboo
Episode 2026th March 2022 • Coconut Thinking • Benjamin Freud, Ph.D.
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In this episode, I speak with Sal Gordon, Head of Teaching and Learning and Principal at Green School, Bali. Sal is an ‘education revolutionary’ and he believes that Green School as a new model of what a school of the future needs to do and be, is well-placed to drive the revolution that this planet needs. Sal is passionate about how humans need to adapt (to bend like bamboo) - and how life-skills and values need to be the foundation of all learning experiences for all students. In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Education models as drivers of culture, as the central core of what a community is;
  • How relationtionships blend from global to local and back again;
  • How sometimes you need to set yourself up to fail.

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