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The Marvel of the Mundane - Part 2 of 2
15th March 2015 • Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie • Eric Ludy
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A 2 Part Sermon Series As Christians, we should desire for God to move mightily and showcase Himself in and through our lives, yet we often overlook the work of God in the mundane. What may appear to be unimpressive, ordinary, and simple moments of life are actually opportunities for God to demonstrate and glorify Himself. In this message entitled The Marvel of the Mundane, Eric Ludy shows the difference between the “wow” and the “mundane” and how God is actively involved in both. Pastor Ludy gives seven principles of Heaven’s work and argues that God’s return of power hinges upon our readiness to allow the mundane aspects of life to declare God’s glory.



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