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Vickers Viking Crash Disaster
Episode 117th January 2022 • The BackTracker History Show • The Backtracker
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The Vickers VC.1 Viking is developed and manufactured by Vickers-Armstrong Limited and introduced in 1946. It is a twin-engine short-range airliner primarily used by British European Airways. The aircraft was developed from the Vickers Wellington long-range medium bomber and was produced from 1945 to 1954 with a total number of 163 aircraft built. It featured the Bristol Hercules, a 14-cylinder two-row radial aircraft engine designed by Sir Roy Fedden and produced by the Bristol Engine Co, based in Filton, Bristol, starting in 1939.

On 2nd September 1958, the Britannia Vickers VC1 Viking aircraft, registration G-AIJE, had just taken off from London Airport bound for Tel Aviv in Israel via Nice, Brindisi and Athens. Meanwhile, it was nearly breakfast time so Jim Williamson at No 8 Kelvin Gardens in Southall, Middlesexx, put the kettle on for his morning cuppa. 38 year old Jim then went to have a shave before getting ready for his job as a fitter when he heard the roar of a plane. He thought to himself "If it keeps on flying so low, it will come through the windows next"

What happened next shocked a community and brought to light many faults in the way airlines operated...


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