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The Art of Leadership - Dr. Niña Ellison EPISODE 18, 4th August 2020
Using Resources
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Using Resources

Using Resources

Personal Growth Initiative: Part 3

It becomes more and more evident that to stay the course – to become a sustainable healthy leader - personal and professional growth need to pursued. Both are needed to compound the consistent delivery of excellence during times of unprecedented change and perhaps, chaos.  

Using resources:

The WHO: understanding the value of a reference group

The WHAT: test the choices of your resources

Jane Mandalios, published a tool that can help you. It is called RADAR

R: relevant

A: authority

D: date

A: appearance

R: reason for writing. 

This week consider how you, as a leader, use resources to advance your growth.

We all know that when we are growing, we are healthier. 

Everyone wins with a healthy leader.

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