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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 28th May 2015
Are you making one of the biggest mistakes as an entrepreneur? Find out if you are, with Marianne Costello
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Are you making one of the biggest mistakes as an entrepreneur? Find out if you are, with Marianne Costello

Marianne Costello’s latest venture is The VA Collaborative.   She has taken her skills from 33 years of successful, serial, self-employment and solves the problem of finding top shelf, pre-vetted virtual assistants for motivated entrepreneurs. Marianne says “Going it alone is overrated and ineffective!”  She shares her unique formula for generating a multi six figure business by leveraging the time and expertise of virtual assistants and even shows you how to pay for them as you grow. You DON’T have to go it alone…  You DON’T have to know how to do everything yourself. You will make a lot more money and have a lot less stress when you useMarianne‘s multi six figure formula using her virtual assistants. And the best part is…  The VAs pay her fee!

We talk about her journey how she started in the entrepreneurial world at age 19.

  • Do the math on what you are doing.
  • Take calculated risks. What is the potential and add the fudge factor.
  • Corporate America is sometimes a prison sentence.
  • Failure is research, Keep showing up.

Marianne’s course- Sell it, create it, cash in

  • Get paid by the clients to create things that you can in turn pay other people to build it.
  • Make sure that your numbers are making sense.
  • A lot of things are perception.
  • Understand your skills
  • Jump into the mindset of who you are asking.

– Investors want their money back and they want to make a profit. Make your documentation and numbers.

– People get stressed when you incur debt. You can make a lot more money on someone else’s money than on your own money.

-Entrepreneurs have a lot of talents, find yours and work on it.

-Be a good listener and ask older people their opinion.

It always comes down to the math.

  • Entrepreneurs have a lot of talents, find yours and work on it.
  • Time is money.
  • Spend money to make money faster.
  • Compound interest costs a lot of money.
  • Be meticulous about paying your bills.
  • Find creative solutions to your problem.

The #1 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is to try and do everything themselves.

  • Are you an employee-preneur or a true entrepreneur.
  • Postage stamp- stick to one thing until you get there.
  • Step back and ask yourself, whats the likelihood that you will be an expert at everything.
  • Be the creator of the great content, be the sales person and deliver the great content and hire for everything else.
  • Trying to do everything is like Weapon of mass distraction.
  • Ultimately the sales conversation should be from you.
  • Offer a helping hand and that doesn’t feel like sales or cold calling.

Skills that a woman entrepreneur should have or develop.

  • Focus
  • Engage in influential conversations.
  • Delegation

Focus on selling.

E-Harmony of virtual assistance.

One piece of advice on funding and money

Time is money. Look at the value.


Lightning Round

What trophy would you want on your mantle?

That Marianne has helped as many people as she could.

What is your guilty Pleasure?

Frolicking in the ocean

What are you reading?


What is your one Productivity Tip?

Email- Autocorrect

Amazon cloud storage.

What is your personal motto?

Life happen all you have to do is show up

What would you do different if you were given another chance.

Focus on an area of expertise and delegate everything else. Go big.



Sell it, Create it, Cash In.

Amazon Cloud Storage