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Snippet4: Want A 100X Return? Give Out More Gifts
15th December 2018 • Breakthrough Success - Content Marketing That Works • Marc Guberti
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If you wanted to get the CEO of a big corporation to buy your services, which salesperson would you send? Would you pick your top qualified salesperson, hire an agency, or just do it yourself?

Why not enlist that CEO's spouse as the salesperson? He/she would be the ultimate salesperson.

But how would you do that? You can't just call the CEO's spouse and ask them to be a salesperson and convince the CEO to buy your services.

So why did one CEO's wife keep asking him--every day until he did--when he'd buy John Ruhlin's services? 

We're so focused on 10% and 50% returns. Some of us think about doubling our return or doing even more. Few of us truly set out to 10X our return.

But a 100X return? Every dollar spent turning into $100?

No ad will give you that. But giftology can. Listen to today's snippet to learn more.

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