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Episode #27 - Uncover Your Brand Voice to Attract More Clients
Episode 2719th July 2023 • She's Creating An Empire Podcast • Melanie Greenough
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When you want to be able to create social media branding, you want these things to be in line with who you are and what you believe.

In today's episode, I'm really excited because we're going to be talking about your brand voice. We're talking about social media matters. How do you create a social image that's in line with the authentic you? One that allows for you to show up in a way that you feel really good about so you can reach your social media BFF and actually create a long-term relationship with your tribe.

Here are some of the episodes highlights:

  • Make sure you are really targeting your brand at the pillars that matter to you. So the best way for me to say this is, what is your truth?
  • Start to identify your brand pillars, and I would recommend to start picking five.
  • Now, once you have those five pillars, go ahead under each pillar and write down two or three topics that you can talk about on that subject.
  • Building a personal brand in this area of business is not negotiable. You do not have a choice. If you want to be in business for yourself or if you're in real estate or you're in, you know, sales of any kind, it doesn't matter anyway. You have to have a personal brand.

When people go to your profile, they need to know who you are, who you serve, what it looks like. They need to see consistency. They need to be able to hear your brand voice, not only in the images, but in the content and the posting.

So just keep in mind that as you move forward, part of your personal development and business development plan needs to be creating a personal brand and getting clear on your brand voice. We are so excited to be able to deliver content to you that helps you move your business forward and your brand forward each day.

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