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Mastermind Project - Episode #1 - Aaron Walker
Episode 114th September 2020 • The Mastermind Project • Brian McRae
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Businessman and Life Coach, Aaron T. Walker, has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence.

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The Mastermind Project is A Shared Learning Event Connecting People & Possibilities

The Mastermind Project's mission has always been to bring givers together to grow and learn from each other...we're still committed to this even in this time of social distancing, so we're just moving the show online to Zoom!

We're evolving and continuously learning from this situation just like you, but at the core we plan on forging ahead with the same quality content (tweaked for current times as needed), and featuring panels filled with leaders and implementers in our community selflessly sharing what they've put into action in their business to grow personally and professionally.

At its heart, The Mastermind Project is a shared learning event where big-hearted givers come to add value to others by selflessly sharing their best business building tips and consistently raising the bar for helping others. Nothing has changed about that! Register to join us online.


The Mastermind Project meets online monthly and is a FREE event thanks to our amazing sponsors who lead with generosity by giving the gift of knowledge.

Held from 10:00-11:30a on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except December), the event provides relatable, actionable content including practical wisdom, communication strategies, and tactics for personal and professional growth.

Content for The Mastermind Project centers on helping you build your very own radically referable business, where your ideal clients and strategic partners refer you often, allowing you to provide massive value and win both at work and home.

Sessions answer questions like:

~ How can I become a person of influence within my industry?

~ Can I still maintain my true personality and create a referral network?

~ What can I do to build upon my strengths that will yield results?

~ How can I regain passion for my profession?

~ What communication best practices can improve both my personal & professional relationships?

~ Is it possible to achieve and sustain success without working in, or on, my business 24/7?


"I love that this event dives deeper into the subject matter of referrals. The panels consist of real people who struggled with the same obstacles as everyone else, and implemented changes to their practices that helped turn things around."

"I attended Mastermind yesterday for the 2nd time, and the time I spent with you and so many others was the highlight of my month, professionally. I love the insights that you bring to us from thought leaders and I so appreciate your teaching style. The way you incorporate the activity in with the lesson is so powerful! Thank you so much for creating the event." - David Noble

"I’ve been attending Mastermind St. Louis for almost 5 years. So many people have blessed me personally and professionally through connections made at this event." - Dan Luigs


What are the seating arrangements?

We're online now so enjoy from the comfort of your office or couch. ;)

Is it okay to invite a co-worker or partner?

Of course! It's a perfect time to connect people to new ideas, support, and habits. The main reason this event was created was to bring like-minded business professionals we'd love for you to invite someone you care about. Feel free to forward this Eventbrite page.