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TAP 55. Australia's #1 Agent Shares His Power Prospecting Secrets. An Interview With James Tostevin
28th July 2016 • Top Agents Playbook • Ray Wood
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He's driven, energized, focused and highly disciplined and he wrote over $4.5 million is gross commission last year. Now he's sharing his secret sauce.I checked my stats today and episodes of my podcast have been downloaded in more than 100 countries, so wherever you are I want to say a big thank you for tuning in. I genuinely appreciate it.

Going by the emails and Facebook messages I receive, you’re listening because you want to find out how top agents are getting their results. Well, I think you’ll find this episode over-delivers in so many ways.

Melbourne agent and auctioneer James Tostevin is an elite performer and usually finds himself in the number 1 or 2 position when ranked according to GCI.

James is driven, energized, focused and highly disciplined. In this interview, he not only shares the structure and systems he uses to drive his team and his business, he digs deep into the daily success rituals that have made him Australia’s top agent for more than 10 years.

Imagine if you could spend a few hours with James and get a solid and thorough understanding of the exact formulas and systems he uses?

Imagine if you could learn the prospecting scripts and day-to-day success habits that make him a clear leader in our industry.

Well if you act quickly, you can.

This Friday, August 5 2016 in Melbourne, James is holding his first ever private coaching workshop. It’s called Accelerating Growth. It’s a half day session and here's the link to book your place




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