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Jules Horn - How to Improve your Mindset as a Professional Model
Episode 923rd September 2022 • Oxygen Advantage • Oxygen Advantage
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“The more I’m listening to within, the better it becomes.”

This week on the OA podcast Patrick and Daniel speak to German model, health/wellness/breath coach and Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Jules Horn.

Jules speaks to Patrick and Daniel about his own life story as well as his own journey with breathing and his discovery of the Oxygen Advantage and the many health and well-being benefits that they have brought to his life.

Jules explains that finishing school at 16, he worked as an industrial mechanic for seven years before a friend encouraged him to try modelling. Since then he has worked his way up through the modelling world and is now living and working full-time in New York.

Despite a healthy life with a vegan diet, Jules says he was initially sceptical about breathing’s benefits but upon using breath holds and air hunger exercises, he began to see major improvements in breath, sleep and gut health. He explains how since then he has continued to deepen his knowledge of breathing and share this learning as a breathing instructor.