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From the Job You Hate to Bestselling Books
15th September 2014 • Brand Architect • Ani Alexander
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Kimanzi Constable is former bread delivery guy who has published 2 non-fiction books, which have sold over 82k copies. He is a published author, international speaker, life and business coach. His mission is to help men and women live their life by their own design and create true freedom in life.

Kimanzi self-published his first book. For that he needed $900, which he did not have. He worked different odd summer jobs for that. As a result he had self-published a professional book, which .... sold 5 copies in 6 months.

In this interview we will follow his journey from being frustrated and disappointed writer to becoming a bestselling author.

Kimanzi is a big advocate of guest blogging. That is probably because his success started from the first guest post he landed at Michael Hyatt's blog, which alone brought 20k visits to his very low traffic blog.

What Kimanzi wants you to know:

  • It takes time - so be patient
  • Build your audience constantly
  • Make sure you have a good quality book - have it professionally edited, formatted, etc.
  • Send out exclusive content to the subscribers of your mailing list
  • Choose experiences over stuff

Want to know more about Kimanzi?

check out

Kimanzi's website

Kimanzi's Amazon Author Page

Kimanzi's Facebook Page


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