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553: The Hill to Die On (Eric Ludy)
8th February 2021 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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» a study in the preeminence of Jesus Christ

Preeminence is such a wonderful word. Especially when it is associated with the Person of Jesus Christ.

A very simple definition of the word would be — holding first place.

So often the modern church promotes the sub-ideas of Scripture into the first place position, that solely belongs to Jesus. And when this happens, it harms the Truth and it harms Christian life.

In this message Eric labors to remove the fog bank that often surrounds the theology and doctrines of the Christian faith and zeroes in on what matters most of all. It shouldn’t be shocking to anybody that knows and has lived out true and vibrant Christianity that what matters most of all is Jesus. 

NOTE: Only part one of this four-part series is released in and through our Daily Thunder Podcast, watch or download the other three parts at