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Pleasure: The Most Vulnerable Emotion + How to Cultivate Pleasure
Episode 4718th April 2024 • Habits for Your Happily Ever After • Rebecca Mullen
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What is pleasure? Why does it matter? How does feeling pleasure impact you? Impact your relationship?

In this episode, you’ll hear from transformational coach and author, Kirstin Hotelling Zona. Kirstin left the safety of her tenure-track position as a professor—complete with the security of lifelong health benefits to follow her desire: wherever that desire leads her.

You’ll hear:

  • Why following your desire is always the safest decision you can make (even though it feels terrifying!)
  • The simple—but not always easy—path that connects you to your desire
  • And how to cultivate a habit that tunes you into your pleasure so your pleasure can guide you

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