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How Too Many Christians Support Coveting and Stealing
Episode 22330th January 2023 • Truthspresso • truthspresso
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I go solo in this episode to explain how political ideology can abuse the Bible's call to charity. This episode is based on notes that were originally for part of the Truthspresso Express series "Was Jesus a Socialist?"

After walking through the Sixth through the Tenth Commandment of the law, we see how coveting can be the most difficult command. Yet, too many Christians can support a backdoor to validate covetousness and stealing.

Putting government-enforced welfare schemes under the microscope of the Bible, we ask ourselves this question: Is it ever a morally virtuous and Christian thing to support threatening or initiating violence on someone who has not committed a crime?

We may think that coercive wealth distribution schemes are "doing God's work," but when we think deeply about it, does God ever command anyone to steal from people by the force of violence to provide for the poor? Perhaps the Christian doctrine of charity is that it is always lovingly and voluntary.

We also see how compromising a universal application of "Thou shalt not covet" and "Thou shalt not steal" can lead us to compromising all God's commands.

Scriptures Cited:

Exodus 20:13-17

Romans 7:7

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Sources Consulted:

David Roach, "Bible doesn’t command wealth redistribution, presenters say at theological meeting," Baptist Press, December 13, 2012.

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