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Making a Name for Myself with Tony Exum Jr.
Episode 128th November 2021 • Fresh Coast Jazz Backstage • Fresh Coast Jazz Festival
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In this episode, your host Carl Brown introduces us to Tony Exum Jr who is a saxophonist that is starting to make a name for himself in the smooth jazz world. He has a couple albums in his credit already and is working on his third. He is a multi-talented man hosting a radio show in his hometown in Colorado Spring. He’s a global brand ambassador and is also acting in an independent film. Mr. Exum started his career as a saxophonist when he was young and pursued playing as he grew older. 

In this episode, he talks about how he develops his music, his journey as a saxophonist, how he handles all the other things in his life and how the other stuff impacts his music creation. In the ‘Bout It or Doubt It Segment, he gives his opinion about Romantic Movies and Star Wars from the Movies Category. In the last segment of the show, he talks about the importance of vibing with other artists, a unique fact about him and much more. You can listen to Get at You, Don’t Run From Love and My Name’s Tony. 

Episode Highlights:

2:39 I define my music as rhythm and smooth. 

3:24 Melodies are always a virtue. The first thing that I come up with starts with melodic ideas. 

4:40 I get inspiration from influences from other players, listening to different types of genres.

9:19 I tell people that smooth jazz is more of a radio format. At one point in time it was a musical one but it became a musical format because of all the great music that has been played on the radio. 

14:31 When you come to festivals, it’s not all about the music, it’s the experience. 

19:43 Music grabbed me when I was 15 or 16. 

32:12 With radio, I get to support all of my peers in the genre and support my heroes. 

Fresh Coast Jazz Festival

Tony Exum Jr.