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The Healing Power of Heart Wisdom and Intuition with Kathy Harmon-Luber
Episode 8516th January 2024 • Curiously Wise • Laurin Wittig
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The Healing Power of Heart Wisdom and Intuition with Kathy Harmon-Luber

In this episode we get curious about:

  • The significance of intuition in our lives.
  • The role of dreams and dream symbolism.
  • The power of vibrational energy and sound healing.
  • Honoring our unique gifts and authenticity.
  • Setting intentions for personal growth.

I had the great pleasure of talking with Kathy Harmon-Luber in a transformative interview that delves into the power of intuition and healing. Kathy's insights are a beacon of wisdom, guiding us through the importance of tapping into our heart's wisdom, honoring our dreams, and setting intentions. From practical advice on intuition to profound experiences with dream symbolism and vibrational energy, this conversation will inspire you to embrace your unique gifts and live a more authentic life. Be sure to check out the show notes below for all the resources Kathy mentioned.

Learn more about our guest:

Bio: Kathy Harmon-Luber is a certified Sound Therapy & Sound Healing practitioner, Reiki Master, and an inspiring author and wellness guide whose passion is helping people navigate the challenging terrain of the healing journey. Last year Kathy launched a best-selling book, “Suffering to Thriving: Your Toolkit for Navigating Your Healing Journey ~ How to Live a More Healthy, Peaceful, Joyful Life,” which is full of wisdom gleaned from decades of healing from her own debilitating health crises. Kathy helps others find their compass and chart a course for navigating illness, injury, and loss – learning how to not only cope but to become more resilient, joyful, and thriving. She has appeared in Yoga Magazine, Authority Magazine,, Woman’s World Magazine, and numerous podcasts and radio shows. Connect with her at

Website: Kathy Harmon-Luber

Kathy's book: Suffering to Thriving: Your Toolkit for Navigating Your Healing Journey: How to Live a More Healthy, Peaceful, Joyful Life

YouTube: Kathy Harmon-Luber ~ Moments of Peace

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Book Recommendation: Growing Big Dreams by Robert Moss

Learn more about Laurin Wittig:

Bio: Laurin Wittig is an intuitive healer, spirituality mentor, founder of HeartLight Wellness and the Heartlight Wise Women Circles, host of the Curiously Wise: Practical Spirituality in Action podcast, channel of The Circle of Light, and an award-winning author. Laurin is also a co-facilitator of the Triple Goddess Women’s Circle.

Laurin’s own journey from bad health to great health on a non-traditional path awakened many of her own healing gifts, and illuminated a passion to assist others to travel their paths in this lifetime with less pain, and deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, bringing them to a place of greater ease, and joy. 

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Interview with Kathy Harmon-Luber

Kathy: [:

It's a strength.

Laurin: Yeah.

Kathy: shows us and our spiritual strength, frankly, to be able to, to recognize that vulnerability and to ask for help. I think for a lot of us, that's a really hard thing to do. It was for me, it was really hard to ask for help, but I did.

Wittig, your host. And today [:

Kathy: Thank you, Laurin. Yes.

Laurin: Kathy is a certified sound therapy and sound healing practitioner.

World Magazine, and numerous [:

I am so happy to have you here. Kathy, welcome to Curiously Wise.

Kathy: Thank you, Laurin. I am so delighted to be here. I'm looking forward to our conversation.

Laurin: No, we started early. We just, we just had so much fun getting to know each other that we've, we've been chatting for a while. But I want to, I want to invite you to just start by letting us know sort of how your spiritual journey began. Yeah. Yeah.

Kathy: Truly, my spiritual journey started when I was in my twenties and

Laurin: hmm.

Kathy: had this, this, this incredible, just hunger for something more. I was a seeker from a very young age. Like as a child, I grew up in the, in the woods of Pennsylvania and the trees and the animals were my friends and I talked to them and, and I was very, very nature based and I, and I always have been.

to Washington DC and I just [:

So, I've always been on this, this spiritual journey. Fast forward to 2016. And, and, you know, I've always had a lot of health challenges ever since I was a little girl. I think that's, that's part of my spiritual journey has been this healing journey that I'm on. And in 2016, up until that point, I'd had a lot of inherited.

really well. I have a lot of [:

I drove, came back the next morning. I'm standing in my kitchen, telling my husband as the coffee is brewing all about the, the, the meetings and everything, which I was really excited about and another disc ruptured and my lower spine. Now, I'd had four up until this point, and so I thought, you know, okay, another, another couple of weeks, another couple of months, depending on how long they take.

had a conversation. I says, [:

I was bedridden for five years. And two of those years were completely bedridden. The first year was. I can't sugarcoat it. It was horrendous. Like, I have a job. Like, I write grants and, and help non profits who make the world a better place, you know? I had, I had a full slate of clients and busy, full life up until the day it happened.

I was hiking and biking and swimming and all the things. And then, it was like the great universal Smackdown. That's what I call it. It was a smackdown and it led me, Laurin, to a different place on my spiritual journey. It was like, we're not messing around anymore. This is what you're made of. Like, like figure this out.

y of dark nights of the soul [:

At that moment, when I realized after a few weeks, this is really bad, I could not, the only thing I could do was to get up out of bed in extraordinary pain to go to the bathroom about 10 paces away. That was it. I couldn't walk to the bedroom door. I couldn't get to the kitchen. I couldn't dress myself. It was seriously bad.

Buddhist nun. She's written [:

And, and I sat with those books and those quotes and I, I've been a journalist since I was a little girl and I started just writing down quotes of wisdom. that got me through a day. And my goal was just to get through one day. It really was one day at a time. It was like, how do I get through today? And I realized very early on that suffering is a choice.

Now I'm not talking about like people in war torn countries as we have today. There are certain sufferings that we have no control over. Those kinds of circumstances are different. But, in our own lives, In our own lives where we have a choice in every moment of every day. And in our spiritual studies, we learn this every moment is a choice.

Right? Like we, we don't, we [:

devoid of hope, or I could choose something different. And I was like, okay, well that's something to contemplate. What am I going to choose that's different? And I chose, as Pema Chodron says, you know, you have a choice of love versus fear. Every moment, every day, everything we do is that choice. Fear. It's an easy place to go to when you're on the healing journey. It's a really easy place to go to. And I had plenty of that. And I was like, how do I transform that to love? How do I make a different choice? And how [00:09:00] do I choose joy? How do I look at ability versus inability? I was extremely physically active. There were times in my life I was very athletic. You know, a dancer, you know, a hiker all the stuff.

And I couldn't do anything. I couldn't do anything. Couldn't even go to physical therapy. So that was really big. I was swimming three hours a week. The week before I was walking about six to eight hours a week. The week before this happened. Now what? And so I was like, okay, flat on my back. I can write. I did that.

I play classical flute, which is out, you know, to the side and torques the back, something terrible. Couldn't do that anymore. And I was performing once or twice every week for years. And, and that came to a crashing halt. I picked up my Native American flutes. My husband brought them to me and said, see if you can do this.

u know, it just became about [:

This is so unfair. And the downward spiral, right? It just, that's where the mind goes. We're all human. And I realized I had to like catch that really quickly and say, okay, ask a different question. Ask, what is the gift? And this comes from a lot of spiritual teachings, you know, it is the proverbial silver lining, right?

ng time of, of the spiritual [:

It's hard to do it. But it was like, ask the right questions. What if this is the beginning of something wonderful? Spoiler alert, it was. You know, what if there's a gift here? What if it is? The way, the portal that you find your life's purpose, it is. So you know, I, I just, I journaled about that. I woke up every morning and I meditated on those things and I asked the questions and I stopped going to that dark negative place and I got help.

ou need, asking for the help [:

It's a strength.

Laurin: Yeah.

Kathy: shows us and our spiritual strength, frankly, to be able to, to recognize that vulnerability and to ask for help. I think for a lot of us, that's a really hard thing to do. It was for me, it was really hard to ask for help, but I did. And then I, I started just building daily practices, new daily practices of, of finding the light.

iritual lesson. I definitely [:

I wasn't. You know that that's a hard lesson to learn.

Laurin: I think so many of us sort of I'll speak for myself. I dabbled with spirituality for a while. I did it very quietly and, and, you know, cautiously and, and without letting other people in my life really know what I was exploring. I had one friend who was, you know, my confidant kind of thing, but I had, I had not nearly such a, a devastating.

Health crisis, but I ended up in the ICU. And after getting tested for allergy shots, not even allergy shots, but tested for them. And that was a big turning point for me because I ended up going to see a very talented healer who was able to do what the doctors couldn't. Now I'm like you. There are times where doctors are absolutely the thing you need,

Kathy: Definitely,

Laurin: but this is [:

And it changed my life. I walked out of a one hour appointment solving the problem of my allergies. This is years ago now, still don't have allergies. And I walked out going, I want to be able to do that. Kind of little, little spark in me, a little fire in me. I had always been, I wanted to do something to help people feel better.

I've always wanted to, I considered medical school and I, I'm not a science person. I thought about becoming an acupuncturist. I had started meeting psychics and, and a couple of healers, you know, and worked a little bit with them. I have a master's of public health. I thought I could do it that way.

But I walked out of that appointment going, okay, this was miraculous for me. I want to be able to do that for other people. And I think, I think a lot of those, those of us who are kind of like not comfortable with it, but we're curious about it. And we're not all in yet, but our, you know, the spirit wants us to be,

Kathy: [:

Laurin: sometimes it takes a big kick in the butt to, to stop you in your tracks and go, wait a minute, this isn't working.

And then I love what you said about you got curious.

Kathy: Yeah.

Laurin: And you started asking questions. I mean, this is Curiously Wise, right? How do you gain wisdom? You ask questions.

Kathy: Question. Yes.

Laurin: So I love that you did that. And also that that question, what if. As a novelist, that is the number one question that you have to keep asking when you're writing a book, when you're telling a big story.

And so I love it when people say, yeah, I asked myself, what if it opens up everything when you say, well, what if, and you allow yourself to just dream big?

where you are when you start [:

How many of us sit around thinking I have infinite possibilities? Like, I know there have been times in my life I was so not at that place.

Laurin: Mm hmm.

Kathy: it did take this. It was a big wake up call. I call it the Universal Smackdown for a reason. It was like, pay attention, Kathy. You know, I had been I had been integrating complimentary medicine for decades was really, and I am a science major by the way, I'm a bio major and I, and I almost went into, I w I was pre med for a while and then realized I really didn't like blood all that.

I do, I looked into and took [:

And everything is energy and our thoughts are energy. Our actions are energy. It's all energy. So we change the energy of ourselves to say, not what if something terrible happens, but What if something wonderful is about to happen? That's one of my favorite little mantras. Wonderful is about to happen. But if you approach it from the question, I don't know, suddenly everything feels a little lighter and the energy feels better.

And I believe we start attracting as kind of a law of attraction or attracting those things that, that are, are better and good for us and in alignment with our resonance,

Laurin: Yes. Right.

not good to hang out in that [:

You know, I have a, a very robust practice of gratitude, not just morning and night all throughout the day gratitude because it really does change our Our vibration, our frequency.

Laurin: Does it does I, I, I feel like a, a lightening, you know, and I was telling you beforehand that I was, I was kind of having a hard time this morning. It was emotionally kind of down. My kids are having some issues that I'm they're grown, but you know, they're still my kids. So I'm kind of worried about them and I'm, and they're on the other side of the country, so I can't do much.

ut I have a chime back here. [:

But I have a fun, a little fountain. So I turned that on cause I like the sound of the water. I told Kathy, I have a bamboo flute that hangs on my wall, just above my fountain. I haven't played it in maybe 10 years, but I got it out this morning and I just strolled around my office playing it. No particular tune.

And my dog's looking at me like, what are you doing? But it, it lifted me up. It just, the, the vibration of it, the joy of making music or bringing beautiful sounds into the environment. It really lifted me up and I felt so much better. Nothing else had changed in the exterior world.

Kathy: right.

Laurin: had impacted my interior world in a positive way.

ou did, why that works. Like [:

There's a guy by the name of James. Jim James Jim Zewski, I think out of UCLA, it's a mouthful. I have a hard time remembering it, but he's doing this spectacular research that will change the frontier of medicine. A lot of us believe it's, it's that big and, and it is this that he's discovered that every grouping of cells like heart cells versus brain cells.

Makes their own [:

Medical departments in hospitals, as well as nursing homes are increasingly adding Reiki and sound healing as a complimentary therapy in hospitals, in nursing homes, because doctors and other medical practitioners are seeing the benefit of this, and the most interesting research, which hasn't even been published yet, is they're [00:22:00] doing these same studies.

So yeah. Kinds of, of research studies on brain cells, and they've determined the frequency that works on brain cells in like Alzheimer patients and, and, and how they're, they're, they're seeing it push the needle a little bit in their recovery. And they're hoping to use that in the future for people who don't have that, but want to use it as a preventative as well as people who are suffering from, from brain disorders.

So. So the future of medicine and how sound and energy healing are integrated is really fascinating. It's at the forefront, but it's why it also makes you feel good,

Laurin: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's there's a, i, I, I have no idea who it is. I don't, I don't connect names. And where I found information with the interesting information that my brain holds onto I am not a scientist kind of person, but there was this whole series of experiments done with water and.

Kathy: oh yeah.

Laurin: Either like [:

And things thrive with the, with the love filled water, and they do not thrive with the angry water.

Kathy: Dr. Emoto, Dr. Emoto's book.

Laurin: Yeah, there's also with the sound frequencies, there's also the the plate that they would put like sand on and do different frequencies. And some are very chaotic and some create these beautiful geometric shapes, you know, so it's, it is, it's fascinating what's being learned.

My mom had dementia. And so I was doing a lot of, it wasn't Alzheimer's, but it was dementia. But I was doing a lot of sort of, you know, trying to figure out how to help her you know, to, to operate better. And I came across a video on YouTube, I think about, about music and people with Alzheimer's and how, if you played music that was part of their youth,

Kathy: [:

Laurin: they, their brain came alive.

And they could sing along and they were present and just, and then you turn the music off and it's like, right back to, how

Kathy: Exactly. You

Laurin: cool is that?

Kathy: It's so cool. And my, one of the teachers I've studied with, John Stewart Reed, he's, he's what's called a cymatic sonic scientist, and he does a lot of those. He's developed this cymoscope, which, which makes sound visible, but it's, and it's beautiful. It's, they're, they're gorgeous patterns.

anything, if it's music you [:

And what works as a complimentary therapy for one person, like as I'm thinking of supplements might not work for another person, we're all unique. Same with sound. If it's music you love, if it's 20 minutes of sustained music you love, that is healing. How easy is that to build into our daily lives, right? It's all of us can do that much.

Laurin: Yes. The other sound thing that has been on my radar lately is that if you combine in a therapeutic place like, you know, a healing space or your office, if you need therapeutics, you have a sound is the, is the sound of nature combined with soft music.

Kathy: Yes,

Laurin: And the sound of nature is, it's like we evolved with that as our, our comfort zone, you know, it's our comfort sound.

n I really am having trouble [:

Kathy: that's right. Me

Laurin: And, and even in Japan, they prescribe what they call forest bathing, which is you get out in nature and they're talking about this, the chemicals of the trees.

But I know that the sound of that, all of that is important too.

Kathy: Yeah. In fact, that I write about that in my book, Forest Bathing, but also I have a whole chapter on just getting out into nature. Nature is healing. We are not separate from nature. We are part of nature, but in modern life, you know, we're in our houses or our offices were closed off to some degree or to a lot of degree,

Laurin: Mm-Hmm.

Kathy: of people live in cities and, and nature is harder to find.

pend as much time as you can [:

Humming is extremely healing. And so I always tell my clients go outside. Whether you're at the ocean or on a mountaintop like I am or in a forest or woods, or you have a park in at the end of your block in a city, you know, go out and hum. You can walk down the street humming. You can be in the grocery store humming, you know, hum.

's not a one and done. It's, [:

Laurin: Hmm.

Kathy: humming and singing are both wonderful, but humming is so healing because of that.

And, and the, the power of nature and the sound of nature, the wind in the trees, the birds, the animals, our ears. are connected to every organ in our body.

Laurin: I did not know that.

Kathy: I, I didn't used to know that either. It's one of the things I learned in my studies of sound, you know, and becoming certified. The ear is connected to every organ in your body.

or music you love. It's the [:

How have you, I love that.

Laurin: get that. I totally get that.

Kathy: But I think that is the important thing for our listeners and viewers to know that if you want to integrate sound into your life. Sure. You can go to a yoga studio and sometimes you'll get sound incorporated. You can go to a sound bath with the sound here like myself.

And increasingly, we're doing this via zoom, which is The sound quality is just as effective and it's just as, as powerful as being in person. And so, yes, you can do all of those things. But getting out into nature or being in your home and playing music you love, singing, humming, you know, tapping percussively on your, percussionately, I guess would be the word, on your, on your body, anywhere on your, body.

e so many things that we can [:

That's my evening ritual. It says it's time to go to bed. But, I will tell you that throughout the day, if I'm really stressed out, if I'm having a hard time emotionally, if somebody has said something or something in the world has set me off. I use a chime. You could use your outdoor wind chimes. You could, you could you know, use, there are beautiful apps for our phones that are just two dings of a Tibetan bowl. Incorporate those into your life and they are like an instant reset. I hear that sound now. I've been training my brain in this. I hear that sound and it's instantly, I relax. And it doesn't take hours of meditation. You don't have to go in a cave and meditate for a day on a [00:31:00] mountaintop. You know, just little, little practices that we can weave into our daily life.

I call that integrating and anchoring the sound healing work. And when we do that, it changes us. It changes our health. It really does at a very deep level, profound level.

Laurin: And it's such an easy thing. If you, if you can make it a daily practice, even for a few minutes, it's preventive healthcare, you know, because you're, you're helping your body stay, you know, in its favorite resonance all the time, instead of having to let it get out of whack and then try to bring it back.


at that is. we have to break [:

Laurin: That sustaining that state fight or flight is super hard on your body.

Kathy: Oh, terrible.

Laurin: hard enough on your brain and your, and your emotions, but your body will really feel the wear and tear, even if you're just sitting on the couch, depressed. Yeah.

Kathy: And I have some wonderful doctors, you know, doctors of integrative medicine, functional medicine, regenerative medicine naturopaths for anyone out there who's saying what? Doctor says that those are some of the doctors that are, that are really up on the latest research and integrate many of these complimentary modalities, right?

at our jobs and, and in this [:

And especially if you, like me, have autoimmune, one of the worst things in the world. Autoimmune stress is my biggest trigger. I work very hard to manage it with sound, with energy work, all the things, but nature also, you know for anyone out there who's going through a something, examine your stress.

And say, how can I incorporate singing, humming, sound? There are also beautiful soundbaths you can find on YouTube, you know, that are free. So, there are many resources for people, should they, should they want to pursue this further.

Laurin: So one of the resources that I want to just briefly bring forward is your book.

Kathy: Oh, thank

e it's, first of all, you're [:

So I want to just, because that's so practical, like the sound healing and making a ritual out of it. That's very practical information. So if, what are your top two tools that you would suggest to somebody who is perhaps just super stressed out and needs to find some, some way to start to break the cycle?

And we talked about the sound healing, so I, you, you can't talk about that.

Kathy: I'm not going to talk about nature because we've, we've

Laurin: Yeah. We talked about that.

nd that is compass intuition.[:

Laurin: Ooh. What's that? Oh,

Kathy: It's our inner healer. It's our inner healer. I've got a whole chapter on this because it's so important. It is the inner healer. It is the deep listening. It is the, and some people say, Oh yeah, I use my intuition or I know when I don't. Like how many times do we say, Oh, I should have followed my gut.

I should have listened to my heart. Human beings are created. With this spectacular heart of wisdom and so often in our chakra system, which are the energy centers, which I think most of your listeners will will know

Laurin: Probably.

Kathy: the heart is in the middle of our seven or eight or There, there are 12 infinite numbers.

a fear-based place, which is [:

closed off. Our heart chakra is not open and vibrant. Our heart speaks our inner healer. It speaks our inner wisdom. Often, like we learn about intuition, we think it's here at our third eye and I'm gonna find it right here. And, yes, that too. But, but, our heart needs to be open and unblocked. We need to listen to our hearts so that we have a free channel and we have an open channel that wisdom burbles up from our hearts.

ality? I raised my hand, you [:

And then it was, oh, just not the people at work. And then certain friends, but not other friends. Yeah. Like, okay, well, that's not speaking your truth fully, right?

Laurin: Right. Yeah. Yep.

Kathy: Step into that. And if we're not fully listening to our hearts that say. Ah, this nurtures me, this, this wisdom feels really good. And we're not speaking that authentically, and I'm not saying you have to broadcast it to the world on a podcast or in

Laurin: Right.

Kathy: I'm saying you have to be comfortable with, with, with being it, with living it.

voice of the soul? It's our [:

Laurin: Ooh.

Kathy: Eye of the heart. Isn't that beautiful? Our, our heart sees and observes the external, the internal, and we walk in both worlds or should, and when we only walk in the material world. And aren't listening to our inner healer, our inner wisdom, our heart center, our intuition. We're not hearing all of that wisdom that, that we could have to lead a better, more full, more, more passionate life.

lize that. We can't just sit [:

Laurin: right?

Kathy: Our hearts first.

Laurin: yeah.

Kathy: take the time Into our intuition. And so that's why I think it's important. Like, I am so tapped into my intuition that I get messages in my dreams. Like, I wake up hearing Nervines. And I'm like, what is a Nervine? I don't know what a Nervine is. Do the research and figure out. Oh yeah, it helps you handle stress and sleep better.

Yes, I definitely see that. That happens to me frequently where I get messages and it's like, Hey, I'm tapped into that and I have to heed it. We have to honor those things. That's the other thing you have to honor them. But I do believe to get back to that thought that right now in this world in peril.

hose of us who can hear this [:

It's asking the question, and I ask this every day of my life, what is next on my soul path?

Laurin: Mm-Hmm.

Kathy: is my, what is my, and I know, I think, I know it's ever evolving, but I think I know for today. what my life purpose is. And, and it's like, but what is next on that soul path? If you don't know your life's mission right now, meditate on that.

r help thing. Ask your soul, [:

You don't, like I said, you don't have to go up on a mountaintop and sequester yourself for months.

Laurin: Oh, that sounds like fun.

Kathy: It does, it really does. I live on a mountain, I don't quite have that yet. But I have moments in my day when I can do it. And so, find those moments, go into deep Inquiry, journal, go back and reread your journal because I'm telling you things came up from years ago that I went and that's how my book came about where I was looking back in my journal and I went, I think there's wisdom here that other people need to hear.

ord out and writing the book [:

It's like that has become my new path. I did not see that path or I was bedridden all those years ago, 2016. I did not see that path. I had a very different path that I was certain was my soul path, but the world needs people like. Like us, I mean, every single person is unique. We have incredible authenticity if we tap into it.

And that is the gift that every person has a gift to bring forward that the world needs right now. And we may poo poo that and say, Oh yeah, I don't think that's really a gift. Like I sing to the trees. I've always been singing and humming to the trees since I was a little girl. It's like, that's not a gift.

That's not a gift. Just something I do when I go out for a walk in the woods,

Laurin: It's normal for you.

t it's becoming part. Of the [:

I'm like, wow, that's great. So I couldn't see it that way years ago. It was just something I did. Maybe for every listener or viewer out there, maybe there's a gift tucked inside you that you recognize, or you don't recognize. And if you recognize it, maybe you don't recognize it as the gift that the world needs.

Every one of us is woven into the tapestry of nature, of Mother Earth. Every one of us has a gift. Every one of us is a little shining pinpoint of light. We're not all the light. We're not the entire light in the universe, but we're one speck of stardust and light. And that's what has to be brought forward right now.

through, through intuition. [:

Laurin: No, I love it. I love that. I love that. Yeah. Because intuition is something people we're not taught to respect it,

Kathy: No,

Laurin: you know, it's women's intuition. You know, that's what, when we were kids, that's what you were told, Oh, that's just women's intuition. That doesn't count. Prove it. Right. Right.

Kathy: like, I was a very, I'm a very, I, I, I, I'm very creative. I do not only music, I do art, I'm very creative. As a kid, I had a lot of imaginary friends and I imagined that the bunnies talk to me and the trees and the deer, when I was outside, they talked to me, you know, it's like, and that gets shut down pretty quickly.

At some point it's, it's really adorable if you're three or five, but as you get older, A lot of dreams, you know, it's like. That's just a dream, right?

Laurin: Right.

Kathy: Oh, so it does get shut down. But it's time for us all to, like, tap into that again.

at's, I think that's part of [:

And so I'm like, I was like, okay, we're going to do this.

Kathy: Right, you listened. You heeded the call. And that's

Laurin: the call. Yeah. Maybe not the first time

Kathy: That's right. Me neither. But so many of my clients will say to me, I'll say, listen to your intuition, you know, it will help to guide you, tap into that more. And I give exercises for that. And you know, a lot of people will say to me, Oh yeah, well, you know, I used to, and I don't anymore.

e. We don't hear it. When we [:

And one of my, one of my dream teachers, Robert Moss, who's written quite a lot of books about conscious dreaming and, and all kinds of good stuff. If you don't know him, he's fantastic. And I've taken a couple of courses with him and what he always says is. Honor the dream, honor the journey. How are you wake up from the dream?

find the arc of dreams over [:

But at the end of every dream, I always write, here's how I will honor the dream. And I have a lot of dreams about bees as a small digression here, but the bees are amazing and they've been honored since, you know, for thousands and thousands of years by the bee priestesses and the frame drummers. Of which I also, I, I began to honor it five years ago by becoming a frame drummer, by learning frame drumming, but I've been having bee dreams and I'm deathly allergic to dreams.

m trying to make meaning out [:

This summer, I am happy to say, I sat outside all summer, not in my encased netting that I put over our umbrella. I sat outside all summer long, no netting. The bees did not aggressively attack me. And it, it sounds very woo woo, but I've, I've honored the bees, right? And I, I drum outside and I create my intention intention.

There's a whole chapter on intention. My book create the intention to honor the bees. And I've had better be experiences this year for the first time in my life. So honoring our intuition,

Laurin: Yeah.

reaming and daydreaming, how [:

Again, we tend to dismiss it because of society telling us, Oh, it's just a dream. Stop daydreaming. We're told how many times in school,

Laurin: God. When I was a little kid, I was constantly told, would you pay attention? Stop daydreaming. Yeah.

Kathy: And so, and so we just push that off, you know, But now is the time to come back into that and, and then honor it. I, I had a brilliant shamanic vision recently that I've not spoken about anywhere, but I had a brilliant shamanic vision giving me. A new name, a name and I then had a dream and this was an outdoor visioning and I was outside touching my two towering cedar trees and, and it just poured forth and I, you know, it's, this is not made up stuff.

It just like, it just comes, you

Laurin: Oh, I've been there.

Kathy: and, and I, [:

Laurin: Yeah.

Kathy: I found six feathers from six different birds. That has never happened. We have a very small backyard.

Laurin: Wow.

Kathy: forest, sure. But they were not from the same bird. It was like, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And so I thought, okay, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta honor this. I gotta honor this whole thing. I made a collage. I had a dream that involved a wolf. And then that night that I started the collage integrating all of these components from the dream, I had a dream that I was in a room on a, on a high floor.

windows open. Suddenly, the [:

Laurin: Yeah. Yep.

y we become the hollow bone. [:

C. And like, those messages came when I was walking on the streets or driving in my car. So, you know, it's about tapping into that, but the missing link is honoring it. And then one more. One more important thing is setting an intention. I am open to, to the, to the voice of my heart, to the message of my heart and soul.

It's as simple as that. Yeah. You know, I've written all of these things down and I put them in my, in my numerous journals and I also put them on post it notes on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator, you

Laurin: Mm-Hmm. . Mm-Hmm

s. We're all busy. You know, [:

Dreaming and journaling and doing all the stuff. And it's like, I have a very busy full time job and a husband and family and the whole thing, you know? So, and community commitments and, and, and, and sound healing practice and Reiki practice and the whole thing. It's like a big full life. It's easy for all of us to forget what is important and you have to keep coming back to that.

And if you need to put post it, post it notes up all over your house, that's what we do.

Laurin: Yeah.

Kathy: We're in our day and age, so.

Laurin: Another very practical suggestion there. All right. I think we're coming to the end of our time. So can you let the folks know where to find you?

for navigating your healing [:

And very soon Dr. Charlize Davis and I will be doing a free offering on healing the heart chakra. And I will be posting information about how you can sign up to, to access that for free. It is a big. robust, beautiful offering. This is not only from, from the sound healing and Reiki energy perspective.

vibrational energy, and it's [:

And so you'll not want to miss

Laurin: No, I won't. I don't want to miss that. So I'll have all of that information in the show notes for the listeners. So you don't have to like scramble to try to remember all that. But basically it sounds like if they just go to your, your website, that everything is going to be there. Okay.

Kathy: they can learn how to work with me. There's a page called work with Kathy and they can reach out and contact me. And I've got another free offering there, which is my infinite possibilities meditation. And it's all about what we were talking about earlier, Laurin, about how when we come to this place of expansiveness.

store for me? What if I have [:

So it's really beautiful. And I think I think viewers will enjoy that.

Laurin: Yeah. Great. Thank you for having so many great things to, for people to go find and, and use in a practical way, . I love it. I love it. I love it. All right. I wanna thank you for being here with us today. This has been so much fun to talk to you and to learn from you. I've learned a lot. I've taken notes and I am, I, I'm just really thrilled that, that we got to connect share our journeys together a bit.

Kathy: It's been an honor. Delight. Thank you.

Laurin: So I want to thank the listeners also for being here and I hope that you'll come back next time for the next episode of Curiously Wise. And in the meantime, stay curious

Laurin: [:

It helps us be found by others. If you're curious to learn more about me or my healing practice, heartlight wellness, head over to my website at heartlightjoy. com. Until next time, I'm Laurin Wittig. Stay curious.



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